My love for yoga began 5 years ago. I took a class with a friend at a studio up the road. It was an eye opening experience. Shortly after I signed up for a semester long  Hatha Yoga course at the local community college. Other than that my practice has solely been at home. Which I am looking to change. I am thankful for the huge online yoga community that exists. Thousands of strangers continue to inspire me to step foot on my mat daily, and do what my body and mind love.

At first glance you’d probably just see this as sexual pose that some woman posted that’s starving for attention. Upon further inspection you’d notice my matted hair dying to be brushed. Along with the nursing bra and lopsided boobs, because well that’s nursing for ya. As well as my shorts that are so old the Nike symbol has damn near worn off. While you may not see the cellulite and stretch marks, trust me they are there.

This picture is more than just sexual. It’s shows the beauty that is a woman. With all the things that are dirty and flawed we are still such beautiful beings capable of so much. From motherhood, to wives, to being whoever the hell we want to be. We’re majestic as fuck.


IMG_20170708_152750_203IMG_20170708_124426_864IMG_20170708_112610_357Love & Light


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