It is extremely over whelming at times.

Most of the time.

One second things are somewhat okay, and then BOOM a thousand piles of shit hit the fan all at once.

There you are, freaking the fuck out, not knowing what your next move will be.

Well, that’s what I do anyways. Then you take a moment to gain your composure after one of your regular anxiety attacks, and then…. You handle your shit.

One issue at a time, picking off the most important issue and working your way down.

Problem by problem.

Until you finally feel like you have a grasp on things and the BAM a thousand more piles of shit hit the fan.

It’s kinda funny though right? Ya know how things never stop going wrong, but you manage. You keep on struttin’ and strivin’ , making ends meet.

I guess there is a bit of beauty in that. Living your life, trying to maintain happiness, going with the flow, and handling your shit. What a damn balancing act.

A beautiful messy disaster of a balancing act.

Can that even be considered balancing though?

Not like it is even possible to master life, but we can learn to go with the flow more and handling things as they come. With or without intense panic attacks, ya know to each there own.

Ahh here is it is, just a post that came to me in the midst of one chaotic as mother fucking day.

I hope you’re handling your shit, even in the slightest.

I hope you’re able to find happiness in the midst of the chaos.

I hope you’re realizing to go with the flow.

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful messy disaster of a balancing act, also referred to as LIFE.


So tell me frans, what do you think about life? The problems, the beauty, any of it. Write a post or comment below. I want to know YOU.