Caged No More

Once upon a time I was a bird trapped in a cage.
A prisoner that wasn’t allowed to have a breath of fresh air.
Held in a dungeon, while others roamed free.
There was light though.
A tiny cracked window.
I would hear the wild birds chirping, the children playing and the wind upon the pane.
Year after year my heart would ache to be free.

Then came a time where I could no longer bare the heartache.
The longing for a free life.
My mind was made up.
A miracle came.
An unruly storm shattered the tiny window.
The wind gusts grew rocking my cage to and fro.
My cage tumbled.
Opening the door for the first time in years.
For a moment hesitation set in, to fly or to stay?
The wild in me was far stronger than the toll of abuse.
I fled for freedom.
Flying higher than those birds that have never been caged.
Never forgetting where I came from.
I have made a promise to myself that no one will ever suppress my wild heart, not him nor me.
Forever wild, as it should be.
— k.h.