Mama Put Yourself First.

The transition to being a mother presents many joys and hardships. I highly doubt I will ever experience anything else as amazing as motherhood. Looking down at the the tiny human my fiance and I created makes my heart swell with an indescribable amount of love. Watching my baby grow into an adult is what I live for, but I think it is important to acknowledge the daily struggles that come with being a mother.

I have made the mistake of losing myself a few to many times while I am busy mommin’ around. The first three months of my sons life I did not even know who I was. There have been times when I cannot manage to shower for almost a week. Or the times where I will go all day without eating meanwhile my toddler has had seven meals. Then there are times were the whole family, fur babes included, will have all had their doctor’s appointments schedule meanwhile I have not been since my post par-tum check up. Crap, I guess I need to get on that one. Honestly I should get a medal for every time I shave my legs, lord knows that rarely happens. The point I am trying to make is that all to often my needs get pushed to the back burner, meanwhile everyone else is happy as a damn clam. Don’t get me wrong I want them to be happy hence all the hard work, but I want to be happy too.

From an outsiders perspective this may not seem to horrible. The thing is though, all of this adds up. From the lack of showers, missed meals, rats nest on my head, sleepless nights, no breaks, etc. etc., it piles up and quick at that. One second I am a fully functioning super mama then I flip to being an overly stressed smelly mama that is quickly deteriorating into nothing because I consumed less than 500 calories for the day. Turning into that zombie mother benefits no one in my household. Because if mama ain’t functioning, then the entire family unit ain’t either. Our lives quickly turn from the typical circus to a shit show.

Now a days I try my best to avoid turning into a mombie, but we all have our bad days. Shit happens. We are tired, and we are important. I think it is essential for us mamas to take care of ourselves. We need it and deserve it. Our families rely on us to be our best possible selves as well. So if you’re feeling guilty about taking a quick shower, hiding in the closet to eat a snack, or getting that massage you’ve been wanting… Don’t. Put yourself first, you and your family will appreciate it. We all deserve to feel like somewhat normal functioning adults from time to time. Or better yet we deserve to feel like damn goddesses. Which may sound impossible when you’re covered in spit up and parts of your hair have dreaded, but we just gotta own our shit. Confidence is key, right?

Much love to you all the beautiful mamas out there!


Hippie Yogi Mama