An Open Letter to the Women without a Father…

It is okay to feel broken and lost. Heart break is no easy feat, but you can over come it. You are not wrong for the overwhelming amount of jealousy you feel when you see father’s being dad’s. Though you should rejoice for the love that they share. Time will not heal your wounds, but it will ease the pain. It will all be okay. Trust me.

Here are a few things you should always remember. You did nothing wrong and it is not your fault. He is in the wrong. He is missing out on watching you grow into a beautiful woman. Never forget that you are more than enough. You are strong, so incredibly strong. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. Remember that you are beautiful, in every sense of the word. You can change someone’s day with your laugh alone. Your eyes have such a light that make people feel at home. You may think that you are not worthy of love because he never loved you, but guess what? You are loved, and loved by many. From your family and friends to people on the other side of the world. You are so loved. You may start to think that the lingering sorrow will always be a constant in your life, just rest easy my love. You will heal and you will become whole once again.

It is likely you will search for a way to fill the gaping whole in your heart. You will learn that the answers are not found in men, or on the other side of the world. You may get down on yourself, but keep searching. When you feel lost and overwhelmed, take a deep breathe, and look inward. You have the answers that you have desperately been searching for. You have the cure for your broken heart.

Please remember that there are amazing men out there. Men that love with their whole beings. Men that would would go to the end of the world and back if it ensures that their children will be happy. You just did not get one as your dad, and that is okay. Rest easy knowing that your children can still have a positive father figure in their life. The hole in your heart has the capabilities of being filled with an infinite amount love. So much that you may forget that it was once shattered to pieces.

I hope that find love and happiness. For you truly deserve it.


The Mama without a Father