Once a Dreamer, Always a Dreamer

Maybe it is because I am a Pisces or perhaps because my mother was a dreamer as well. The need to day dream has always been apart of who I am. To dream about life and all the things I wish to accomplish. It brings me peace, joy and hopefulness. In today’s society were are expected to work, eat, sleep and repeat. This style of living has never called my name or interested me in the least. It is just not who I am.

The desire to live a life full of love and happiness is strong. I do not want to go to college for years only to come out with a piece of paper and oodles of debt. Then to be followed by a job working 40+ hours a week. Followed by more debt, stress and depression. I want a life that is focused on my family, friends and happiness. The need to be wealthy does not call my name, but the need to be free does. To live somewhere where my children can be free-range. Whether that be near the mountains or on a beach in a hut. To travel the world with my family by my side. To teach yoga any and everywhere. So many dreams. One day they will be my reality. Fortunately I have an amazing partner who continues to help manifest both of our dreams.

While our family or friends might be discouraging, he stands strong in making my dreams and our dreams a reality. I always wanted to move to Colorado, guess who helped make it happen? Him. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher, but was torn between that and finishing my degree. Guess who helped me make my final decision? Him. Without him I could quite possibly get lost in the midst of my dreams while living an average lifestyle. But he helps clear my head and assures me that my dreams are worth striving for.

We have both longed for a life without the constant pressure of society weighing on our shoulders to be the “best” versions of ourselves. We want to live in a beautiful quaint village with farmland and plenty of room for him to build what ever the hell he wants. We long for our children to grow up free of excessive technology and over stimulation from theme parks and the constant need to fill a void of boredom. We want them to be so immersed in childhood that they forget about the pressures from society. We want them to be connected with mother nature and have a love for simply playing outside. We long for a simple lifestyle. There is not a doubt in my mind that we will make that dream come true. With my constant day dream and his go-getting we will make shit happen.


It is important to find happiness in the simple things of your every day life. If being an avid dreamer has taught me anything, it is to slow down and appreciate the journey. There is always a reason to be happy.


Love & Light