In a World full of “How do you do’s”?

We have become forgotten. Forgotten in a sense of no one knows who we really are. What we really love or who we aspire to be. Perhaps there’s a positive to this? Maybe some sort of safety net that we are all suspended in? Yet I am troubled with seeing the more negative aspect. We should speak out and be who we are, we should not live a life full of doubt and insecurities. Why? Because we are all awesome and unique and talented and all of these really fucking cool things.

However those things are easier said than done. Societal pressure and insecurities have haunted so many of us since childhood. The internal struggle is real. Why do I always ask the opinions of others before I develop my own? I will tell you right now it is not always to expand my perspective, though I wish that was true. More than not it is to weigh the judgement that others will cast towards me once my decision is finalized. That is fucking insane and I know I am not the only one who does this. It is about damn time we throw out the ideology that other’s opinions about us are more important than our own!

If we are being honest here…. I have struggled with this whole social media thing and creating a blog because of the judgement that I have and will continue to get.  Because apparently it is somewhat taboo to express your thoughts and emotions via the internet? What is so wrong with that? Is it the vulnerability aspect? Am I viewed as different due to the honest expressions? To say that I have freed myself from the judgement aspect would be a bold faced lie. I still think about it, the anxiety creeps in and at times is hard to bare. But hey, I am getting there with the idgaf attitude!

But you know what is really fucking awesome? Is that by me sharing my life, practice, opinions, what ever you want to call it, has helped people! Friends and strangers alike have told me that sharing all of this is inspiring and hopeful. That is pretty damn cool. Knowing that by doing what ever this is, has lifted some people’s spirits even is the slightest is eye opening. We as individuals have the capabilities of having a positive impact on others just by simply being ourselves! So why don’t we do more of that?!

This post is not to persuade you to go open up some social media accounts and share your life story. Just more so of a forget about the opinions of others and focus on your own! Be who ever the hell you want to be. At the end of the day your happiness is what matters. And along the way you might make a positive impact in someone else’s life.

Love & Light,

The Hippie Mama

*Just another post thrown together while drinking my coffee and having morning time with my nine month old*