To Be A Mother

To be a mother is no easy feat. The days are long, the nights are short. Your clothes are probably covered in excretions from a tiny human. You don’t eat much, but the little ones never miss a meal, or a snack. Your clothes are typically dirty while theirs are clean. To be a mother means that you’ve probably lost yourself somewhere along the way.

It means sacrificing one thing after another to ensure that your children are more than taken care of. Then there’s times were all your hard work can’t keep them happy, because you wouldn’t let them play in the dogs water bowl or eat another ice cream cone. You know just the little things that really piss kids off.

There are days were your kids sprout little horns as if they are the spawn of Satan. Then at night when you tuck them in and read them a book, or five, they are little angels again. They are the ones that you love more than you love anyone else in the world. The one’s that you would do anything for. The one’s that you’ve lost your mind, body and self for.

While these words may come across as negative, they are far from that. To be a mother is the greatest most challenging gift of all. I will go to the end of the world, weeks without showering, and days without eating if it means my little one is happy. I will gladly lose my mind, body and myself along the way. Because no matter the challenge a mother can handle her shit. I may do it with dirty hair and a glass of wine. You may do it with a fresh pedicure and a shopping spree later. All that matters is we get shit done. We make little babies, we raise them with a home full of love, and we eventually find ourselves again. Because we’re mother’s and we can handle just about anything that a tiny human throws our way.

Xoxo Mamas ❤️

P.S. This was written at 730 am in about five minutes, with only a few sips of coffee, while my nine month old kept lunging for the computer. So keep the criticism to a minimum.